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About Us

Beginning in the early 30's, Jose Roldan started out as a commissioned Export Manager selling to South America where he could utilize his native Spanish language.  The company was called Roldan Exports.

In 1945 when the war ended, Joseph Roldan joined his father at the business and changed the name to Roldan Products Corporation, which grew substantially and peaked in the late 70's with offices in London and San Juan. 

In 1976, the third generation joined up with the addition of Tony Roldan and Linda Roldan. These two generations worked along side each other daily for over 30 yeras.  Regrettably, Joseph Roldan passed away on 12/19/2007 at the age of 81. Tony Roldan is semi retired but Linda Roldan is still fully active in the business today.  

Roldan Products Corporation represents small manufacturing companies that do not have the knowledge or expertise to export products on their own, or who do not wish to take the credit risk.  Selling U.S. made products all over the world has been their job description for 80 years. 

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