Roldan Products Corporation has been a family owned Export Management  Company (EMC), for more than 70 years.  We represent small U.S.  Manufacturers who wish to Export their products, but lack the expertise  to do so.  We help them to find overseas buyers and then act as their  internal Export Department with full service assistance.  We quote the  customer to CIF port, enter the order with the factory, pay the factory,  ship the merchandise, file Export documentation and then collect from  the foreign buyer. 

An Export Management Company differs from a Logistics or Freight  Forwarding company in one very important area.  A Freight forwarding or  Logistics company moves freight from point A to Point B without taking  title.  An Export management Company actually purchases the merchandise  from the manufacturer, exports the cargo and then collects from the  foreign buyer, meaning no credit risk to the supplier.  We do not  increase the cost of the product, but rather receive an inside discount  similar to an Agent Commission.

Current product lines include Peerless-Premier Appliances offering  household Gas and Electric ranges including their Pro-Series line of  Stainless Steel cookers, Cequent Performance Products with its lines of  trailer jacks, lights and brakes, Comstock-Castle Stove Company offering  a whole line of cooking equipment such as Commercial Ranges, Pizza  Ovens, Griddles, Fryers and more.
Visor-View, Inc. offers Transportation Safety Products such as rear  view cameras, GPS Navigation, GPS Tracking, TPMS, Back up sensors and  more.  Natural Radiance products include 
Bio-Identical all Natural Hormone and Pain Management Products in  the form of transdermal cremes, as well as other all natural beauty and  anti-aging products. 

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