Roldan Products has exported the Dazor Line of Professional Task  Lighting Products all over the world.  Roldan set up Stocking  Distributors in Europe, the Far East, Middle East, South Africa, Mexico,  Canada, and Central and South America.  

Dazor Manufacturing is located in St. Louis, Missouri. 

The name DAZOR has been synonymous with quality task lights and magnifiers for almost 70 years. Our precision-balanced “Floating-Arm” technology revolutionized the task lighting and magnification industries in the 1940s, and its ease of movement and durability is still unsurpassed. After years of use, these lamps can be positioned precisely and still hold their position.

Today, Dazor’s commitment to design and development can be witnessed in products that range from our innovative line of LED task lights to the technologically advanced speckFINDER video microscope. Of course, the heart of our product line still lies in professional grade “work” lights and lighted magnifiers. Our products feature the highest quality components like crown optical glass and solid metal clamps, to ensure that they can be used and adjusted frequently, day after day, for years. 

Extremely dependable and reliable, Dazor lights and magnifiers are an integral addition to many professional’s toolbox. Dazor’s products are chosen today by professional jewelers, doctors, dentists, writers, quality control personnel, forensic experts, and consumers throughout the world for their ease of use, visual comfort, and unmatched quality.