Naturally Radiant offers a line of all Natural Bio-Identical Hormone Products and Pain Management Products under the trademark name of Natural Radiance, as well as some additional beauty and anti-aging products.

Some of the products offered are Men's and Women's Testosterone, Estrogen Creme, Progesterone Creme. DHEA, HGH, DMG transdermal cremes, as well as Ibuprofen and Lidocaine creme for pain management.   This highly successful line helps to alleviate various symptoms and conditions that arise as we age and stop producing hormones.  The Natural Radiance line of Bio-Identical Hormone products does NOT require a prescription and the transdermal delivery system or cream form allows for quick absorption, individual control and no side effects.

The Sage Skin Care line of beauty and anti-aging products are manufactured in St. Louis and include mouisurizers, chemical peels, cleansing Masks, Lightening/Brightening cremes, skin toners and more.  There is also a line of acne products that are very popular.

The Vital Therapy Line of Products originates from Colorado and is also an All Natural Line which does not include any added chemicals, preservatives, Parabens,  dyes or other toxic ingredients. The Vital Therapy line includes cleansers, Scrubs, Toners, Moisturizers, Peptide Lotions, Anti-Aging Creams, Vitamin A complex, Vitamin C complex, SPF Sunscreen, Lightening Creams, Masks, Hair Loss, and more.